Maserati Models, 2015 Ford Mustang, Porsche Macan, & Dumbass Tuesday!

Maserati is stepping out of their comfort zone and promising 3 models in 2 years! That is very un-Maserati like. The 2015 Mustang is going to get a huge makeover and maybe fuse with the Fusion a little bit, and Porsche?s Macan SUV is getting many different engine options. Plus we have a Dumbass Tuesday for you, of course! That’s all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D! Oh, and who was that new teleprompter dude? Follow FLD on Twitter: FLD Facebook Page: Derek D Twitter: FLD Forum: Todays Dumbass Tuesday with the dumb lady:


Maserati Models, 2015 Ford Mustang, Porsche Macan, & Dumbass Tuesday! — 22 Comments

  1. @imusfnm yeah yeah not bad but you know this is youtube you can do much better. you only really need one site its where real girls go to get naughty go here

  2. they need to change the quatroportes(sorry for the spelling) headlights.. it looks like a sad human..

  3. The ne wmustang comes with a Man Purse and fancy shoes. But you have to turn in your Man Card and pick up a new Euro Weenie Card.

  4. as i watch this and he’s talking about the new cars coming out, i’m like “fuck i wish i had money.”

  5. 296hp from a turbocharged pentastar v6? That must be wrong because I’m pretty sure the non turbocharged pentastar engine makes at least that.

  6. We’ll probably see something on the lines of a Modern SN-95, but I doubt fusion… Just make sure to voice a complaint when we see the first concepts hit the showroom. Which that will more than likely be late next year.

  7. A Mustang that looks like a Mondeo/Fusion? Won’t be seeing me admiring that PoS when it gets released in 3 years.

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