Basically, the ninjas hand-to-hand fighting method was Taijutsu, sometimes referred to as koshijutsu, sometimes dakentaijutsu, or yawara, or even jujutsu. The terms changed and varied as the years went on. Sometimes it was called koshijutsu or koppojutsu or only te (literally translated as “hand”, implying “hand-to-hand”). So the basic core was Taijutsu, and after they had mastered Taijutsu they learned to employ the special weapons of their style or system. There is a theory that the fundamental base for the ninja fighting method is Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu which was adapted in Japan from an older original Chinese fighting system. It is my feeling that this Gyokko Ryu method was not simply transplanted whole to Japan. It was absorbed and adapted to relate with the indigenous Japanese fighting methods of the period. Then this Koshijutsu (fighting method translated as “body weapon art” — koshi can relate to fingers or toes, hand or foot) was later expanded upon and evolved into the Japanese Koppojutsu (fighting method translated as “body frame art” — the body in motion breaks the enemy’s bones and knocks him down). According to Takamatsu, ninja from Iga and Koga areas mastered Koshijutsu and Koppojutsu as a part of their combat training. As you know, if you cannot properly do Taijutsu, there is no way you can do sword or spear techniques either.



  1. Can u put vidios up on bojustu or staff techniques im trying too creat my own style but i wanna see the basics first

  2. sir please come to India if possible or atleast send your good students who can teach us. i m nt from any martial art background, bt still i hav developed confidence just by watching ur videos.I really learnt a lot from u. thank you.i think u r the best teacher of martial art/self defence.may God bless u with a very long life. keep teaching. hatts off

  3. I find yur videos very informative. I train in ninjutsu thru the Bujinkan and find your movements similar to what we do. I nejoy ur work and look forward to more. Keep up the great work and ignore the ignorance

  4. I like the crossing over body movement. That definitely will get an opponent wobbling back and forth on their heels and effectively set up throws. nice.

  5. I’ve been to your site,your hateful bias and prejudice is showing,I have no use for people like you,Superman to man!

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