Wushu Music Video

A Wushu Music Video created by Shahaub Roudbari with the help and cinematography of John Nguyen. Starring Shahaub Roudbari, Kenny Leu, Collin Lee and Cao Yue


Wushu Music Video — 18 Comments

  1. always inspiring, and always many times i share it all over and over, you guys are fantastic

  2. One of the marks of a great video is that people keep returning to watch it. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this ever since I was shown this for the first time. Great Wushu–you guys are an inspiration for me to train even harder!

  3. i always return to this video for so many times now and always share it on my facebook my AND and wordpress,…. , seems is always most popular there with my friends, and for a great reason. jiayou !!!!!!!

  4. @soulhogato Wellll the sad truth is the stuff your calling “kind of homo” could kinda beat the crap out of you, outside or inside of training

  5. 3:24 “What the fuck?” HAHAHAHA!!!!! LMAO =))

    Anyway, nice work. Great NanQuan. I must say, even as a supporter of traditional wushu, I’m impressed!

    And, damn, I adore Tang Lang! Way to go, chinese dude in yellow pants!

  6. Oh man, you probably wouldn’t wana see what we do OUTSIDE of practice then…
    on second thought, maybe you would?

  7. 2 years later you’re at exactly 14500 views (at the time i’m watching this). great video, it gets me pumped for training every time 😀 jia you mang


  8. The song was in ocean’s 12 during the capoeira part: name of songtrack is ” Nikkiefurie- The a la menthe” i believe

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