WATCH: Charles Barkley Should Keep His Day Job

He may be better known for his basketball skills, but former NBA superstar Charles Barkley is boasting a new title of “weatherman” this week.

As Deadspin’s Timothy Burke notes, Barkley appeared on Phoenix, Ariz., ABC affiliate KNXV-TV’s 11 p.m. newscast on Sunday night to dabble in some meteorology with weatherman Randy Kollins.

“That looks awesome,” Barkley said at one point, admiring a 7-day forecast. “It’s gonna be a nice week.”

Not the most technical analysis we’ve ever heard.

But what did the Internet’s critics think?

While some — like CBS Sports’ Zach Harper — admired the former NBA All-Star’s on-air effort and enthusiasm, many others lamented his performance.

“Charles Barkley is a semi-wonderful, candid announcer, and we fully respect his NBA career. A gifted meteorologist, however, Barkley is not ,” quipped Alexander Abad-Santos for the Atlantic Wire.

“We can’t say it went well,” mused Deadspin’s Burke. “It’s not entirely clear what Sir Charles was doing there in the first place… [He] generally hijacked the entire broadcast.”

Indeed, Barkley wasn’t exactly on point as he spent time chatting about golf, his feelings towards rain and his house plants.

Check out the video (above), then tell us in the comments section if you think Barkey’s weather report was bizarre or brilliant.

(via ABC’s KNXV)

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