2012 Mustang GT Engine ticking, tapping sound

2012 Mustang GT Engine ticking, tapping sound. No modifications. 3200 miles. Refer to TSB # 12-8-14 5.0L WITH A/C COMPRESSOR DRIVE STRETCHY BELT CONFIGURATION – LIGHT LOWER-END ENGINE KNOCK if you have this issue. UPDATE OCTOBER 2012: Read the comments below regarding the ticking sound and how a TSB can get it fixed by your local ford dealer. I happened to notice a metallic tapping sound while driving today. It was hot outside, the external temperature reading on the display was 100 degrees. Air conditioning was full blast (not sure if that has anything to do with ticking sound). Posted this video on youtube to get opinions if this is indeed the infamous engine tick from the 5.0 L engines.


2012 Mustang GT Engine ticking, tapping sound — 12 Comments

  1. Did you ask the dealership about the TSB for the A/C compressor stretchy belt? They should do the work for free and get rid of that sound.

  2. Yep Mine sounds just like that,also Burns through oil like crazy, dealer telling me its normal for the first 10,000 mile, I think its Bullshit.

  3. Glad to hear that… I was also over analyzing every little sound when I first got this car. But I now have 12k miles on it. I take it easy on the car. But I also take it to the drag strip every month. And so far I have been very happy with the car. Also, this might be a placebo affect, but over time you might actually notice that car becoming more powerful after the break in period. And by that I mean it feels like it will have a little more torque. But, this is just by feel.

  4. Alright so I got my car back. They did put the belt tensioner on and it is no longer making the noise. I feel like I’m over analyzing everything now because it doesn’t feel quite as powerful but I think it’s just in my head. Going to take it easy for another 250-500 miles. After I do some WOT passes I’ll report back for a full report. Seems to have worked though and overall I’m pretty happy.

  5. They said there were no current TSB’s for the 2013 yet and yes my ticking sounds exactly like yours. Some of the videos on youtube sound much worst than ours. My warm up period was about a month ago in Texas so yes it was still hot and that’s when the sound originated. Since, it hasn’t got over 80 degrees and the noise is much quieter when it’s colder. However, my car is my daily commuter (30-40 miles round trip) so by the time I get home its pretty loud. I’ll let you know when they contact me.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that. Does your engine sound just like my video? This video was taken during the summer where temps were 100+ degrees. That’s when I really started noticing the sound. I have since gotten GT500 axle backs and the weather has gotten cooler. So I don’t even hear it inside the car. Tomorrow morning i’ll start the car and see if it’s still making the same sound. Let me know what happens with the dealer. Also ask them about the TSB for the ac compressor belt for drive belt tensioner

  7. I just got a 2013. Took it easy for 600-700 miles before any WOT. Noise started very quiet around 800 miles and progressively has got worse. I have 3600 miles on mine and took it in today. It’s not normal man, there is something wrong in the valve train. I don’t know if its the lifters/rollers/rockers but that’s what I was told it sounded like by my buddy who’s a mechanic. Anyways you should have ford look into it. I took mine in today. Ill let you know what I hear back

  8. Ford just came out with a TSB to swap out the stretchy ac compressor belt for a drive belt tensioner setup. I actually work at a ford dealer and have peformed this TSB and it’s not that hard to do. The TSB # 12-8-14 5.0L WITH A/C COMPRESSOR DRIVE STRETCHY BELT CONFIGURATION – LIGHT LOWER-END ENGINE KNOCK.

  9. there is no drone in any speed or gear…. i am working on a video now to compare the stock from the GT500 mufflers.

  10. well, upon reviewing several videos of other 5.0’s, it seems like the sound in my video is a normal and common sound from this engine. i should update this video. i recently installed GT500 axle backs too so that should drown out any annoying sounds.

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