Beaches Are Awesome! (9.19.09 – Day 142)

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Beaches Are Awesome! (9.19.09 – Day 142) — 22 Comments

  1. these are old videos they weren’t married yet. alli was in spain for school and she would send charles footage of her in spain so he would include it  in the vlogs so us viewers could see. i hope this helped you

  2. that awkward moment when you are having a ctfxc marathon and you come across four videos in a row that you have already watched but you want to watch them again lol

  3. This was the first CTFxC vlog I ever watched back in 2009! 😀 haha, I think I just wanted to see boobies ’cause I was like 13.

  4. Alli went to spain to study abroad and charles stayed in Florida and he mixes the footage together this is before they even got engaged.

  5. I am soooo confused. I just started watching these videos and I dont understand where you guys are in each video, like a different country? and why aren’t you and your wife in the same place? Im just a very confused subscriber…..

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