Stranger from Shaolin (1977) [English Dub] []

AKA: Wing Chun Warriors, A Fight Between Flying Tigers When the family of a young Chinese girl is brutally murdered by the evil whim of the Emperor, young Wing Tsun avows revenge. With no knowledge in the art of Kung Fu, she sets out to learn all she will need to know in order to avenge her family. With only youth on her side, she accepts the challenge against the might of the Emperors Kung Fu masters.


Stranger from Shaolin (1977) [English Dub] [] — 14 Comments

  1. “Invincible Armour,” with Hwang Jan Lee. His character, the main evil villain, is the master of eagle claw and the invincible armour technique. Very similar to the main evil villain here.

  2. look and that s why china lost of the war the fight agains de own country i mean CHINA KILLLED CHINA

  3. Thanks so much Rewtnull, yet anoht good rare flick of my friend Master Chang Il Do, I still see him regularly in Seoul and he’s in good shape at 63.

  4. great picture and sound quality. thank you for taking your time to upload it for us. Much appreciated.

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