Inside the VS Fantasies Shoot

Everyone has their faves in the VS Fantasies™ body care collection and so do the Victoria’s Secret Supermodels. Join Angels Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima and Erin Heatherton on the set of the VS Fantasies™ shoot in Malibu as they talk about their favorite fragrances, lotions and potions from the collection.


Inside the VS Fantasies Shoot — 18 Comments

  1. My Victoria’s Secret Fantasy? To look like Adriana Lima that’s forsure.

  2. i just think candice has the BEST body of all the angels, she has long, loong legs, a curvy flat stomach and great boobs and she is just perfect!

  3. Candice is so dull. And a butterface. I get that she has a great body, but the rest of the hype just makes me roll my eyes. Adore Adriana, though. Her face, body and personality are gorgeous.

  4. First off, ADRIANA, I LOVE YOU! 🙂

    Second, I like Candice, I really do. I think her body is amazing. But she is just sooooooooo boring. -_-
    She always sounds bored out of her mind. At least Adriana makes and effort to sound excited about what she’s doing, even if she may not like it, ya know?
    I always smile when I see videos of Adriana. She’s funny and goofy and doesn’t take herself too seriously or try so hard to be sexy like Candice does. :/

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