Ikkyo: Aikido Techniques : Ikkyo from a Lapel Grab

Ikkyo from the lapel grab, or Katetori, is a martial arts technique that allows you to move off the line of attack and control an opponent’s head, and is an essential Aikido technique. Learn the essential Aikido move of Ikkyo from the lapel grab, or Katetori, in this free Aikido video clip. Expert: Fred Mastison Bio: Mastison Sensei is an inductee into the United States Martial Arts hall of fame and is a 5th degree black belt who has been active in the martial arts for over 35 years. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels


Ikkyo: Aikido Techniques : Ikkyo from a Lapel Grab — 15 Comments

  1. 1- when you slide down the arm, you have better control and can still catch his wrist or fingers if he starts to pull away.

    2- sweeping allows you to take him off balance without setting off his defensive instincts. its subtle, unlike a strike or a grab and yank

    3- conceptually, its more in harmony with the spirit and philosophy of aikido

    hope that helps.

  2. Learning isn’t even the hard part, mastering it that’s diffucult 🙂 i know what you mean bro 😛

  3. What is the benefit of spreading the force over the arm for knocking uke of balance versus a strike on the inward portion of the elbow? Or is this action a part of the philosophy of aikido? I study shorin-ryu karate and learned the same technique but with a strike to the collapsible portion of the elbow.

  4. you again.. wasting my time buddy.. if you want to live like that it’s your choice.. i don’t care about you anymore.

  5. HAAAa. Hypocrite! you think twisting someone’s wrist isnt hurting them? You think Your ‘Strong’ because you do aikido and u say that if a real fight occured that you would control yourself? PFFF, Go out on the Street bud, into the real life.

    Its either hurt or get hurt, and if i gotta choose id prefer it to be them. Because in a real fight, most people wont stop until they got both their arm broken or get knocked the fuck out

  6. PFFFFF HAHAHA Fuck the founder, and fuck that spiritual shit, and fuck the whatever bullshit philosophy. When someone attacks you he dosent give a shit neither should you. Grow some balls.

  7. aikido is not about hurting the opponent, for the last time. thus, you are not doing aikido. it is not just any technique, it is not just the body. it is the mind and the spirit as well. learn to live in harmony, the message of the founder.

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