E92 BMW M3 DCT lap of the Nordschleife

One lap of the Nordschleife from September 2009 BMW Driver Training session, timed at 8:17 BTG


E92 BMW M3 DCT lap of the Nordschleife — 24 Comments

  1. tony how do you get on these driver training experiences ? can any one apply looks fantastic great drive

  2. Thank your for your advice Tony,
    unfortunately I haven’t got any HD camcorder but only my GoPro and a EOS 550D for filming so i will do some further research for the best in-car-filming but your idea of attaching the cam to the passenger´s head restraint pillars sounds really nice!

  3. Hi Thomas,
    The camera was an ordinary consumer type HD camcorder (Canon) fitted with a 0.5x lens adaptor to get a sufficiently wide angle. The mount was supplied by B Hague (they have a website, UK based) and this attached the camera to the passenger side head restraint pillars. Having someone sit in the passenger seat does a great job of damping excessive vibration. Simple and very effective mount, with plenty of adjustment possibilities. Cost about £40 from memory.

  4. Hey Tony! Can you please tell my how you shot this video? I plan a similar video so i´m interested in which cam you used (gopro?) and how you mounted it in the M3 for this great results.
    Thanks for your quick answer 😉

  5. i argree dct transmision is better in every single way u can imagine fuel economy acleration top speed efficenitcy everything but there just somthing about a manual have u ever driven let say a honda dc2 or ek9 there manual are amazing and the e46 nice it may be slower but its feel quite good especialy downshifting maby cuz it make u feel like u achieve somthing i guess

  6. nice lap, I find that M-dynamic mode is still too intrusive especially on corner exit (e.g: ex-muhle) and honestly, the car’s brakes are not up to the task… not after multiple laps

  7. This M3 is such a perfect car – sounds brilliant, natural aspiration, manual option, hydraulic steering, perfect balance. What more could you want? Certainly not turbos, 6 cylinders and no manual like the next one will bring

  8. – I assume you are joking with the comment about karts (a smiley might be a good idea). The “new transmissions” comment was certainly very funny….

  9. I bet u are still driving a go kart paid by ur parents…those new transmissions rule when u have any feeling with a car u just simply agree to that :)…of course the ferrari starting from the F430 transmissions are better but the money for those is too…

  10. Ah, so student-led laps are possible. I’d heard this but I gather it is rather uncommon. I hope to have such an opportunity but as you point out it puts things into a whole different perspective. Following is a bit of a cheat, leading on the other hand…

    Back to the ‘Ring in May I hope.

  11. Thanks for the nice comments. On the most recent Nordschleife training the instructor allowed me to lead the group (ahead of him) and this was definitely very thought provoking. Without the comfort of the instructor in front, choosing the right speed, braking, turn in points, line, everything becomes your own responsibility…..much more challenging! Especially Schwedenkreuz!!!

  12. Nobody said DCT was not “better”. I have driven DCT M3’s many times and would always choose this transmission for serious track work. On the road, I much prefer manual, however, as every gearchange becomes an event, requiring planning, timing, skill to execute perfectly. DCT just requires the flick of a paddle.

  13. Impressive, 8’17”. Your entire group must have been very good. My experience has been that most groups lap BTG in the 9’s as the instructors need to keep the group together. I got two solo laps with the instructor and had I charged the Gantry instead of slowing I might have done an 8’35” lap. I tip my hat to you. Next time earlier turn-ins and DCT in S mode.

  14. – no, you’re not the only one! Although I am totally convinced of the benefits of DCT on a circuit, I much prefer the involvement of the manual transmission everywhere else. So much so that I have just ordered a new M3 Competition Spec coupe – with the manual transmission

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