Do It, Gurl – How To Dip Dye

Vote for Jamie for a Streamy here: Do It, Gurl “How To Dip Dye” The season’s are changing here at Gurl headquarters and we’re all feeling like we want to completely revamp our closets. We’re all also feeling like we’ve got zero dollars to do that. So, we turned to Jamie to get some fashiony ways to freshen up our wardrobe without spending big bucks. And of course Jamie didn’t disappoint. (She never does.) She showed us how to dip dye so we can turn any boring piece of white clothing into a bright and fun new look. Material List: Plain Clothing Large Bucket Salt Measuring cups Metal spoon and whisk Clip hanger Rubber gloves 2 gallons hot water Drying rack Powdered dye Old shirt Newspaper/drop cloth Steps: 1. Add dye to 2 cups hot water 2. Fill up bucket with 2 gallons of hot water 3. Add one cup of salt 4. Add dye to bucket 5. Clip shirt to hanger 6. Dip shirt in dye 7. Wring out dye 8. Rinse shirt in cool water 9. Let dry on hanger Want more projects from Jamie? Check out ‪ And for more how to help, check out ‪ And you can always find girls talking about projects, fashion, crafts and more on Gurl’s boards ‪ ‬ Gurl hearts you big time! Do you heart us? Then be our bud: Subscribe: ‪ Boards: ‪‬ Facebook ‪ Twitter: ‪ Tumblr: ‪‬


Do It, Gurl – How To Dip Dye — 16 Comments

  1. @uzufkcc you are correct. this is really fantastic. And, even my friend got the maybelline mascara for nothing after signup in this site. if you wanna try just try now  >

  2. To dip dye your hair get an old shower cap and stick a bunch of small holes in it, then gather all your hair under it and pull it out of the holes (If you want streaks just pull out small amounts from the holes) then use a spray or dye or whatever on the exposed hair. There’s probably a tutorial somewhere but it’s pretty simple if you have a friend to help you 🙂

  3. I love your usual stuff… But to be honest that shirt looks absolutely awful, sorry

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