Israeli Krav Maga Association – Portugal Seminar — 11 Comments

  1. Eu adoraria começar a practicar krav maga.
    Resido em Portugal (Porto) há pouco tempo, será que ha academias que tenham tal modalidade aqui?

  2. thisismynames, we train to do everything, to know and preform as many techniques as we can, so we can know how to defend them and also to improve ourselves. That doesn´t mean a spinning kick it´s a good choice in the street…but just knowing how to do it well means that you have good balance, good flex, good strengh…and your “easyer” kicks will be even better. Im glad you´ll keep an open mind about that, that´s always a smart choice ;))

  3. you should be supervised when trying new techniques. Spinning kicks take a lot practice. Try not to do things on your own, go and train with coaches that can help you. And, if you want to see if the Krav Maga that you are learning now is effective, spar with someone from Muay Thai, kickbox, BJJ, wrestlers, sambo students etc. Then you will know if you are ready for eveyone on the street.

  4. If you come accross someone on the street that once trained kickboxing or Muay Thai then you have to know how to defend yourself against such people (which can kick high). And how will you prepare to fight those guys if you don’t train with partners that kick high or do spining kicks, or flying knees (like Anderson Silva). Not everyone can do flying knees, but Anderson Silva knocks professionals out with flying knees, do you trian that? Don’t think it’s so simple, its not. Don’t limit yourself

  5. What you have to understand is that EVERY TOOL (i.e. type of punch, kick, take down, joint lock) can be useful. Yes, it might just stun, it might do nothing, or it might knock him out. But every technique has an application, if you limit yourself to just kicking low, not doing joint locks etc. then you will limit your abilities in various fighting confrontations. A wrestlers/BJJ will take you down whether you kick high or low, you have to know how to fight everyone, not just people that kick low

  6. If you know how to block a high kick, they why do professional kickboxer, muay thai fighters get knocked out in the ring with high kicks. You klnow better then them? They did not read Anderson Silva’s book? Just take some time to think about it.

  7. Spinning kicks? want to see knockouts with spinning kicks? go see some K-1 highlights (or other sports events) 🙂 beautiful knockouts with spinning kicks… on top of that by training spinning kicks you train proper balance, which is very important in fights.

  8. So you will learn how to defend yourself against people that can’t kick high on the street? That’s not very smart my friend. What happens if someone attacks you that can kick high?? I can kick high, and almost every student at our school can kick high. Will you block it? As you can see from pride and ufc highlights, it’s not easy to block high kicks if someone performs them well. You will learn with experience that when it comes to fighting, there is no black and white, only grey… 🙂

  9. thisismynames, I don’t know if we should treat your comment as a joke 😉 I think we have all seen knockouts made by beautiful high kicks to the head in K-1, Pride (e.g. CropCop), UFC etc. Even professional fighters weren’t able to block those kicks and got knocked out senseless, you think you would block them?? 😉 Let’s hope for the sake of North America that it doesn’t stop kicking high to the head :))) tell me thisismynames, who tells people these absurdities? PS.take a look at “crocop” videos

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