Ed Parker / Larry Tatum Demo & Interview

Interview/demo; to obtain the complete video show, contact algarzamatrix@yahoo.com This classic video is from the World of Martial Arts show, hosted by Al Garza in 1974


Ed Parker / Larry Tatum Demo & Interview — 24 Comments

  1. Very True , Master Lee and Master Parker where very close friends and shared a lot of knowledge with each other .

  2. Seems like these Bjj guys do pretty well across the world fighting against all styles whereas Kenpo has been proven to be nothing more than exercise Katas

  3. I just don’t understand. Looking at that, it seems that he takes the traditional shotokan karate moves and combines them in a more fluid sequence of movements; that’s very intersting, but if you look at older stiles of karate (like goju ryu), you already have a serie of rapid and various strikes from a closer distance. Then what is the actual innovation in kenpo?

  4. You obviously know nothing about these guys I knew Ed but more importantly I know Gene Le Bell Heyward Nishioka and Dan Inosanto who have schools in Los Angeles and all will tell you that Kenpo had zero to do with JKD anyway Bruce stated after seeing the internationals that static choreographed styles were useless

  5. Negative, Bruce Lee: “I have no respect for these guys with big Belly’s calling themselves Grandmasters”…………………Bruce Lee!

  6. Man thats what I love about Kenpo you can get your Black belt in (6) months if you work hard, and your 10th degree in five years!

  7. no more than taking a man to the ground with his buddies around.. with “good” kenpo, you wouldn’t actually be doing all that happy flashy stuff IRL, maybe the first 3 moves. or a parry from this tech, an elbow from this one, etc. We don’t converse or write in pre-made sentences, but we learn to speak and read that way!. why wouldn’t combat be different?

  8. true, much more takedown defense, etc should be involved. and many systems of kenpo are incorporating things like sprawls and bridging into their training.. but remember, a gun from the 1700s can still kill you just as dead as one made yesterday.

  9. he had Parker’s blessing. Danny was already well versed in FMAs. that and people got on the “find your own way” mentality bandwagon, which would eventually become the big draw to Kenpo. which was great for business, but now everything’s so subjective, everybody’s right. people with crappy basics can gain stripes like crazy. most of the “how” and “where” is gone, the “why” and “when” is barely asked, its all “what if” now.

  10. “grandmasters” i’m not sure many people heard of.. yet Hackney, basically some guy put up a pretty good fight in his fight against Gracie. not dissing the BJJ at all, the proof is in the pudding! but their propaganda doesn’t impress me. I love the art, unfortunately don’t have the time or money to continue training. but it isn’t the end all be all. it IS a sport, most players would have the mentality of automatically taking it to the ground. not a good idea. i’d prefer to stand whenever possible

  11. I’ve a lot of respect for BJJ, but honestly taking your opponent to the ground is the most retarded thing to do in a street fight. In a one on one fight it is an exceptional fighting system and would probably school most other martial arts defense systems but it doesn’t work with more then one person if you go to the ground if you fight standing up your fine but i think BJJ should be combined with Kenpo or any striking art to maximize your chance of success in a street fight.

  12. @SuperKenster1 Bruce Lee based a lot if his style Jeet-Kun-Do of of Kenpo principles how can you say Lee and no respect for Master Parker when you probably never met either of These men

  13. Royler and Royce “Spanked” Kenpo Grandmasters in under 30 seconds watch Youtube Royler vs Kenpo

  14. Bruce Lee had no respect for overweight so-called Grandmasters and stated the same

  15. i met mr tracy. dudes a nice guy

    im already banging out the orange system and in 3 months hopefully i test for it 🙂

  16. ur a dreamer if u tink this crap works on the street…look at bas rutten now that works..

  17. i studied kenpo. 30 classes at most. i was around kenpo long enough to agree with you: ruthless, lethal, dangerous and devastating.

  18. The guys telling that the style is not effective because fighting has evolved etc etc… The beautifull thing about Kenpo is that not only adapts to the individual but it also adapts to time… And for what I know, GM Parker wanted his creation to never stop evolving adapting to people and era’s

  19. he speaks well, but with the way fighting has evolved over the years, this fighting style is not effective

  20. says the guy with no background on what he knows, let alone put up a video of his ‘superior’ skills to back up his statements

  21. Can you tell us how you know this..I trained in Kenpo for many years…went to Ed Parker seminars…I am telling you he was the real deal.

  22. Anyone out there who knows of a basic - and i mean basic – home work routine for practising at home. Only in 5/6th lessons. Would like to practice foot work and salutations. Thanks

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