Skyrim For Pimps – Licking Astrid (EP3) Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough

Aaron finds the strangely lickable Astrid, a woman from the Dark Brotherhood, as the quest for Shadowmere continues. See all episodes here: This GameSocietyFilms video will show you: The first steps to getting Shadowmere, the demon horse in Skyrim. Missions needed to remain in the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. Video: All game content is recorded and edited under fair use rights for reasons of commentary and social satire. All videogame footage was captured by us, Game Society Films and all games were played by us. Music: All music in the video is a public license. Original content owned by the Apple Computer Company as part of the Apple Loops program, or by Kevin MacLeod (


Skyrim For Pimps – Licking Astrid (EP3) Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough — 13 Comments

  1. “Oh Lydia… why do I keep you?” Aaron is so cute with his deadpan humor. xD

  2. think this might be my second or third time watching all 3 seasons through. cant wait for the forth one next month.

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