Pro Stock Drag Racing

Pro Stock Qualifying at the 2007 Ihra President Cup Nationals. The first 6.29 pass and the quickest pass in IHRA pro stock history,Brian Gham’s 6.28.


Pro Stock Drag Racing — 24 Comments

  1. I saw a prostock Pontiac GXP, it did 5.44 at 265mph. It was out of control. They sound brilliant.

  2. The fuckstick that is filming needs to learn how to properly film a drag race…..his skills are very lacking with the video camera

  3. awsome, they sound great ! It would be realy awsome if they did these times in the quarter, in this class. The way tech is advancing i can see it coming.

  4. @shawnleenassim i’m 20 and my dream is to become a pro stock racer. don’t ever loose sight of it.

  5. I couldnt possibly agree more. I’m only 19, but ive seen some vintage Nascar races and vintage pro stock and I really REALLLY wish I had been alive to see it all. I long for the days when Pro Stock’s were true 4spd manuals, had the same body as what was in the dealerships, and when the cars still hiked the front wheels off the ground.

  6. Now imagine NHRA Pro Stock bike….7 sec flat quarter mile and 200mph…….WITH NO SEAT BELT!!!!!!!!! Or pro stock snowmobile, 9 sec quarter mile, 150mph, ON UR KNEES!

  7. If i won the lottery, id campaign a Chevy in NHRA pro stock. Fuck IHRA and their 1/8th mile races! Come to the midwest to see some good ol boys row a 5spd! NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals, Brainerd,MN!!!!

  8. Fully asperated motors .
    They sound quiet when idling at Christmas tree, revs build up and the drivers revs fuck out of them , like 9000 rpm , not bad for Big Block v8’s , then they sound nice and loud whilst doing 5 gear changes.
    i love top fuelers and Doorslammers been a drag racing fan but Pro Stock has always been a favourite of mine.

  9. I love pro stock, they’re the king of long burnouts but pro mod is a little better cause it’s louder

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