Pencak Silat Cimande Gerak Satria Shakti 2007 – 2010 clips

Cimande Gerak Satria Shakti 2007 – 2010 clips Imagine you can learn to Defend yourself and your loved ones quickly and regardless of age weight or strength. By studying Silat with us you will learn rapidly how to defend yourself in any combative situation and you will learn how to gain unlimited confidence in your every day life. With Cimande Silat you learn valuable combative secrets that most “elite” masters in the martial arts world have kept very secret since ancient times. They are also the secrets that modern silat masters do not want you to know. But with us you will learn them with out any mystery or hidden agendas. Now you can learn the secrets with us. Now is your chance for you to come join us and train with us! Long Distance Training available: If you want more information about Silat class & Location Please contact Guru Dobles Via Email


Pencak Silat Cimande Gerak Satria Shakti 2007 – 2010 clips — 14 Comments

  1. tuh. . kite patut contoh yg begitu. . dia pada orang luar aja mau belajar silat indonesia. . .kebudayaan kita mereka pelajari mereka bagi sama orang2 di negara mereka. . .di coba deh, , ketagihan ntar. . .:) 🙂 🙂 . . .by the way . . .thumbs up for all of you guys . . .

  2. They do work. And I am an mma fan,b ut I’m also a m,artial artist. These are drills they are showing you. Thats why they are all slow. they are mostly for muscle memeory and flowing. But when it comes to a real fight, you will see its practability. It wont be the same as a drill, but the applications work

  3. you sir are retarded. Pencak silat is extremely effective and deadly… just saying brah…

  4. orang luar negri banyak yg mempelajari silat cimande tp orang pribumi sendiri malah mempelajari taekwondo,karate dan bela direi luar negri.padahal silat asli indonesia

  5. In an actual MMA bout the infighting comes in the clinch. That doesn’t mean the fighters don’t train trapping. It’s hard to see it in bouts because it happens quickly. Most fighters in MMA clinch when someone gets in to close to avoid takedowns. Thus muting the trapping. You’ll see some fighters foot stomp, elbow, shoulder bump to knock opponent of balance, knee strikes, that is all part of infighting believe it or not. Jon Jones uses it alot. It just doesn’t look as pretty in a real fight.

  6. You are not correct. That is what MMA is all about. Look up Shootboxing or Shootfighting. Alot of the instructors have black belts in penchak silat, Kung Fu Experience, and more. They also, cross train with Jeet Kune Do instructors like Dan Inosanto. Who is an expert in filipino and indonesian martial arts. He is a fully certified instructor under Bruce Lee.

  7. Yes! Try to find full instructors in Jeet Kune Do. If they have roots from Dan Inosanto, then i’m sure that they have some silat training. There are JKD gyms all over NYC. Try New York City Shootfighting. Sifu Donald Tampubolon is a 4th degree black belt in penchak silat. He also holds rank in kung fu, Aikido, BJJ, judo, and Krav Maga!

  8. in my home town,silat master has the inner power.he can hurt opponents from a distance and do not touch at all :))

  9. yet another clip of attackers leaving their attackin arm dangling in the wind… gimmie a break

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