BBC: Porsche GT3 v Ferrari Car Review- Top Gear

Track days with Jeremy Clarkson and the Porsche GT3 and Ferrari 360. Considering Clarkson’s love of Ferraris, can the Porsche GT3 impress him on the track day? Subscribe to see all the reviews, races and challenges: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook Top Gear Twitter: Click here for more Top Gear Ferrari Videos: Click here for more Top Gear Porsche Videos:


BBC: Porsche GT3 v Ferrari Car Review- Top Gear — 17 Comments

  1. A Ferrari is only better than 10 Japanese 90s cars if you’re a douchebag. I would never drive a Ferrari if I had one, because every time you drive it you can kiss $5,000 goodbye.

  2. Because while you’re swapping your engine out, your wife will be in bed with a milkman and you’ll be like, “ooooh where’s my screwdriver?”

  3. Shame that they cut the drag race and a funny comment Clarkson made about the Porsche.

  4. Both are great cars, but personally I would rather buy a Porsche or Ferrari and even a Lambo with full equipment because this two are race track cars so idk would fit good in traffic on those bad roads

  5. Some people just don’t get it. The Porsche and Ferrari are in a different world compared to those cars. 

  6. It’s optional he said. the standard doesn’t come with a radio. obviously this one did.

  7. @san2t1 lol im about to delete my comment. I get at least one person telling me that a day for over a month now. You actually were the nicest about it by far. Its usually, “its optional you stupid cunt. Go hang yourself.” Lol people these days. 🙂

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