MOFO- Turbo Mustang, 700hp Cobra, 200 shot Corvette, supercharged c6 and more! — 20 Comments

  1. That turbo Mustang is impressive, I reckon it puts down no less than 750hp to the wheels, My next project would be a T88 new edge Mustang with a 4.6 2V and a C4 auto instead of the 4R70W

  2. Im smoking crack right now…after watching this i very well could die..heart cant take the venom

  3. @Marshmallowrex
    Underground racing trailers their car whenever they go to a meet. It is not a daily driven car. With 1500whp it also is not going to be an efficient road racing car. Try launching that shitbox and see if it wont break.

  4. and its not daily driven, its a dedicated track car that sees SOME street, but still very little…. UGR’s lambos are built to be as much as a daily driver as possible

  5. @Marshmallowrex there are mustangs that would ass rape UR’s lambo like Tim Lynch’s 6 second mustang

  6. Dude, true sequential gearbox with Power Shift is as quick and accurate to switch gears, offer a more directly engine to road connection and gives the driver a real race car feeling over the playstation like automatic.

  7. Hard to talk shit against 700+ hp lol. Id like to see that 5.4 T88 run some liter bikes. It walked away from that 700hp cobra.

  8. As much as I love seeing bowties getting owned, STEAM SOME RICE. Seeing a Honduh! fail before it even starts is even better IMO.

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