Hongkong Wing Chun Forms: Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Ji — 17 Comments

  1. The idea is that each form is practiced slowly with high concentration. When something is practiced slowly it will be develop into a smooth motion and smooth motion can be fast motion. These forms have been studied in a physics lab and have been proven to be most effective in “rooting” the practitioner to the ground, making it very difficult to push or tip the practitioner over because the force is distributed from the body to the ground. The same applies with delivering a force to an opponent.

  2. Everyone actually lowers their stance to get a strong stable foundation. It doesn’t matter if he is 6 feet tall or 6 inches tall.

  3. that it is EXACTLY THE SAME. So why don’t you just drop it and go somewhere else to embarrass yourself.

  4. Wrong again!! Why don’t you just give up already. You’ve made a fool of yourself and now its time to go. So he has an open baby finger, so what? It shows that his hands are relaxed, as they SHOULD BE. And you are supposed to roll your body forward to straighten the spine after bringing in your hips. So what he does is correct (like I’ve been saying all along!). He has PLENTY of power, I can assure you. If you watch Ip Man’s sil lum tao, like you SAID, you would see, except for the stance,

  5. Has anyone ever told you you are a fucking imbecile? You can’t just go willy nilly and learn anything and call it wing chun. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY! Traditional wing chun consists of ten concepts that are its bible. If you don’t follow these concepts than you are doing yourself a disservice and ARE NOT learning real wing chun, just a cheap imitation, like JKD.

  6. No, you can’t. Traditional wing chun has ten concepts that are its guideline. If your school doesn’t follow these ten concepts, then it ISN’T learning traditional wing chun, but the modified. Sorry to disappoint you!

  7. Your wrong, guy.One fist?? hat is WAY too narrow and does not allow you stability.Your feet should be SHOULDER WIDTH APART. That is the proper distance. I admit, his opening is a little sloppy, but his stance is fine.You have to remember, this is just sil lum tao.His bon sau is correct, there is supposed to be one high one and one lower bon sau. What do you mean when you said he was “facing against the force?” He seems like a fine instructor. Again, size has nothing to do with it. It’s all skill

  8. This IS wing chun. Traditional, to be exact. Size has nothing to do with it. It is all a matter of skill. This tells me you don’t know what you are talking about right off the bat.What elements are you talking about? As far as I can see, all the elements are there.

  9. There is no such thing as Go Yan. You’re making that shit up. It is just traditional wing chun.

  10. Why do you say that? I understand that the fook sau elbow should be in toward the center, but this is just a static exercise to get the movement down. In all reality, fook sau is initiated with the elbow, like all wingchun movements and moves it towards the center. The fook sau is used with a twist of the body so you are facing your opponent sideways, but the fook sau should always lineup with your centerline. Also remember to tense the forearm and fingers. .

  11. Why do you say that? He looks good. And it’s TRADITIONAL, the same way I learned it from Grandmaster Kwok.

  12. This Guy teaches WC with no good. But I am happy as people think they learn good WC.

  13. How you expect this WC is good if the basic stance is not? If you see the elbow is off position when doing Fok Sau, Tan Sau and Kang Sau. I think it is like dancing more than WC when he tips his toe.

  14. @guy nicole hi again, how can i reach you? I would like to ask you some questions about wc.

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