Big Brother 8 UK: Brian Makes Charley look like a Fool… — 14 Comments

  1. no wonder he had to shout
    she wouldn’t even stop to take a breath.. just kept talking and talking and talking..

  2. i mean come on, charley was the best thing that happened to big brother ever. but this was the one bit where charly pissed me off because brian did nothing wrong. think that charley was just pissed about having seen everyone back stab her. straight talk though, chanelle was jealous of charley.

  3. Who else thinks that an argument between New York (from flava of love, and I Love New York) would be a fucking entertaining.

  4. o ye coz i really struggle with a skinny little slag like charley or8 then mucca

  5. And I’d like to see that, cuz I do believe you would have the fight of a lifetime. Please someone set this up and tell me where I can buy my ticket. LOL Rofl.

  6. she sat down and said “i am gonna shout because im annoyed with these hypacrits” SHE JUS FUKIN STOOD THERE AND SAID BRIAN LOOKED PATHETIC BECAUSE HE WAS SHOUTIN, SHES THE HYPACRIT. i hate her SOOOOO much :@ monkey faced biiitttccchhh.

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