Hot VoiceMail Lady – Key of Awesome #5

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Hot VoiceMail Lady – Key of Awesome #5 — 21 Comments

  1. What if he got the wrong house? :C *I know he didn’t, but the man didn’t know! 😀

  2. i like how so she licks his ear for some twisted reason and thats also why i came here.

  3. I’m twelve and mature… What ever my sister loves these and she’s nine there’s nothing wrong with it I didn’t even get a warning and please stfu about grammer it’s so annoying

  4. @Qber614 There isn’t much diffrent and she might be dyslexic so I wouldn’t make fun of that yet I haven’t seen how she typed

  5. To whoever flagged this video you are a stupid idiot who should be shot. Seriously, I might be drunk but it pisses me off that I have to log in to watch this particular video every time. What the hell is wrong with this video anyways? There is no nudity so why flag this?

  6. I have a feeling you spelled “angel” wrong in your youtube username, or you just REALLY love geometry, angle. You have the grammar a 6-year-old.

  7. Oh my god, this sounds WAY similar to Chill Penguin’s level music from Mega Man X.

  8. Don’t worry Mark I’m sure Anastasia will give you a Mini Mark! LOL still love this Youtube Channel

  9. If you’re going to point out the flaws in someone else’s writing, it’s not the wisest decision to make your own mistakes. It’s a sign of hypocrisy and it invalidates your statement. Here’s hoping this clarified things for you. Have a nice day and all. 

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