A Peek Inside the Acura NSX Concept — 2013 Detroit Auto Show — Edmunds.com

Without question the star of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show was the Acura NSX Concept. It’s back this year and the striptease continues with the reveal of the interior cabin. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think. Subscribe for the latest Edmunds.com videos: ‪‪tinyurl.com Watch More Videos on Edmunds.com: ‪tinyurl.com Edmunds Mobile: ‪ ‪www.edmunds.com Follow Us Twitter: ‪‪twitter.com Facebook: ‪‪www.facebook.com Google+: ‪‪plus.google.com


A Peek Inside the Acura NSX Concept — 2013 Detroit Auto Show — Edmunds.com — 25 Comments

  1. So happy with the new NSX. It is absolutely gorgeous, however, they need to redesign all of their wheels, ugly !!!

  2. I’m buying a lottery ticket, cause when I win, this is what I will buy! The most beautiful sports car I have ever seen!

  3. looks kinda weird in 2d, but somehow in this video its sexy & elegant. The suede dash might get pretty hot in summer though.

  4. I think it looks absolutely stunning. Obviously, a lot of the cool stuff on the concept won’t make it to the production model, but who wouldn’t want to come outside every morning to look at that aggressive face? I’m hoping that this is the start of Honda going back to their roots and producing cars like they used to.

  5. with this and other models already in production, Honda has found it’s mojo, welcome back.
    This will be a remarkable car.

  6. i can’t wait to see one of these in the street so i can lay on it and take a picture

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