2011 BMW M3 vs. Rahal Letterman BMW M3 GT

Road & Track Presents — BMW M3 vs M3 GT When the extreme BMW M3 GT racing machine takes on the potent M3 street car, who wins? Find out in part 2 of The Ultimate GT Showdown. This original series is hosted by IndyCar driver and commentator Sam Posey, and includes on-track driving by Tommy Milner. Read the full road test data here: bit.ly Connect to Road & Track Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Each week, the Car and Driver YouTube Channel will launch episodes of The Full Hoon, Driver Rehab, Battle of the Beaters, Car and Driver: Tested, Popular Mechanics Saturday Mechanic, and Road & Track Presents.


2011 BMW M3 vs. Rahal Letterman BMW M3 GT — 24 Comments

  1. American cars are pieces of shit besides the zr1 and the super snake and the gt40,

  2. Best all around car ever! ( city, highway, track, picking up kids,grocerys and just cruising.)

  3. I would have to agree in the statement saying the BMW M3 is the best production vehicle ever made.. For those who never owned one,or have ever drivin one,you just wouldn’t understand.BMW’s 50/50 weight distribution and pure power make this the Ultimate driving machine… Video sucked….

  4. It’s funny how in all episodes he keeps saying the top model production cars stand toe-to-toe to their racing counterparts, while knowing that the statement is so full of shit. If that was the case, there wouldn’t be the race versions of those vehicles. Bottom line is that while todays production cars can be close to yesterday’s race cars, at any given time a racing version of a certain model can run circles around that same model’s production version. End of discussion !!!

  5. Sam Posey sounds like he’s 107 years old and he’s about to croak any second… hope that’s not the case.

  6. Great content but the video editing was terrible. Please stop doing the freeze frames, they add nothing and retract from the viewers’ attention to the story.

  7. Really bad editing…the video lags behind and stutters at times. Also how old is the narrator? He lacked any enthusiasm and sounded like my grandpa

  8. That M3 GT is $800,000 wow i never knew they were that much. This video was good seeing them promote the street car. Theres no way you can compare these two on the track the M3 GT is a beast!!

  9. Hi and thanks for commenting on our video! Our VO was done by Sam Posey and he’s kind of a legend in the automotive arena. Check this out: His 20 year career includes drives in the Indy 500, Grand Prix, & Le Mans. He also won the 12 Hours of Sebring for BMW in 1975. To top it off he is an accomplished author and writer and has been a commentator with ABC sports for 24 years. He’s even got an Emmy. Not too shabby and we are thrilled to have him work us on this project. Give him a Google.

  10. Thanks for the sub, and we are glad to reply. It is cool to read what everyone thinks (even when we don’t agree sometimes) because it helps us know what people want to see more of and what they want to see less. Plus, it is great to exchange knowledge about cars with fellow enthusiasts. At the end of the day the one thing we can all agree on is that we are passionate about cars (esp when they perform well).

  11. it’s awesome that you guys replied I’m subscribed to you guys btw…maybe me saying destroy is not true but the price for that m3 gt is ridiculous and if you put slicks and more downforce on the 911 gt2 rs it would most likely beat the m3 gt easy but then again I’m comparing race car to a road car so it doesn’t really matter just the price seems unnecessary expensive…
    thanks for reading the comments

  12. Why is this being uploaded now? You guys did this comparison last year.

    – GermanBoost. com

  13. i for one will always choose quality over quantity no matter the expense because even at more value, notchy, clunky feel and unprecise tactile with excessive power delivered throughout the band, spinning you out while exiting the apex would just make me feel like my IQ was getting lower by the second. i don’t care for the image of both cars but i’d still choose the 335 and get the DINAN reflash that raises power to i believe close to 400hp and 500lb/ft, the kind of fun that lasts more than a day

  14. Even the 335 astounds me i mean 50k for 300hp? Sorry if i really wanted to have fun id buy a GT500 for that much…. with 650hp. Ok i know i sound like a mustang fanboy but that was one of the only ridiculously fast cars i could think of for around 50k.

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