“The Way of the Warrior: Aikido and Kendo, The Sporting Way” (Entire Video)

Source – BBC News – © [1983] BBC 3 of the 8 part series BBC Documentary “The Way of the Warrior” (Michael Croucher & Dr. Howard Reid, 1983). Full Credits: www.imdb.com Original Air Date—25 May 1983


“The Way of the Warrior: Aikido and Kendo, The Sporting Way” (Entire Video) — 13 Comments

  1. Aikido, insofar as the Founder’s intent, has nothing to do with sport, pre-war or post-war. To be exact, it is his post war art that is really Aikido, before that it was his evolving style of Aiki-jitsu. In any case it is a modern form of Budo, a spiritual discipline through martial application. Call it misogi, self polishing, whatever but a competitive sport based on a point system it is not.

  2. But that’s exactly what Post War Aikido became, along with other fighting arts. However Tomiki is purely s Sport where as Aiki Kai & especially styles like Yoshinkan have remained more closely related to their traditional roots.

  3. I have a translation of the book and I can really recommend it. Nothing about techniques, but about personal experiences of uchideshi – Japanese as well as Westerners, (I remember Robert Nadeau an Terry Dobson right now). Also males and females. Its a very personal view of Osensei and it really shows the way he was thinking about life, the universe, and everything. It also clarifies some of the stories you could read at John Stevens Ueshiba biography “Abundant peace”.

  4. sounds like a good interesting book to read remembering o sensei morihei ueshiba and his uchideshi students be nice to read about this… ?

  5. i dont’ think morihei ueshiba would have minded now it’s classed a sport. since the techniques in tomiki aikido are still there nothing as been taken out..

  6. living students who lived with him. i know what your saying averde it was morihei ueshiba who founded aikido..so it was budo what i am saying here my friend is when kenji tomiki met ueshiba trained with they shared skills with each other for many years. until they departed.. kenji desided to make aikido a sport based aikido which became tomiki aikido.. but with tomiki you also have traditional ueshiba techniques in there. nothing is taking out

  7. I am sorry to disagree about the aspect of “sport” but O’Sensei was clear in his opposition to competition. This is well documented. I highly recommend the book “Remembering O’Sensei” which is a compilation of his Uchi Deshi’s recollections of their lives with him.

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