MMA History – Gene Lebell VS Milo Savage, 1963

Here is a short history lesson on the first sanctioned MMA match in American History – “Judo” Gene Lebell VS Milo Savage, a top ranked boxer, in Salt Lake City, Utah, from December, 1963. It was Judo VS Boxing in this match, who came out on top?


MMA History – Gene Lebell VS Milo Savage, 1963 — 19 Comments

  1. For those that are unaware, Bruce started with Wing Chun but found it too limiting so he started picking up bits of other styles including judo from Gene. Bruce then made JKD from what worked and discarded the rest, so Bruce was the first MMA guy and paved the way for the UFC. Truly years ahead of his time.

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  4. I’m not a Bruce Lee fan, I don’t really like him and i’m far from being a fan, i’m just realist and I know thw truth, he did mastered arts, he is overrated, but still mastered all the arts he took.

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  6. LOL, you’re fucking retarded, Bruce Lee created JKD you fucking pathetic loser, go fuck your mom bitch

  7. WRONG! BL never mastered any style . FACT! BL did not create JKD! BL a media propaganda tool

  8. He still started with styles, but then he created Jeet Koon do, the ”style of no style”…. He still have alot of black belts in multiple martial arts and also mastered multiple style of kung fu….So nothing wrong there, hes considered among the best martial artist in the world, so get your facts straight

  9. Are you fucking retarded? He had dozens of black belts and he was a true master in Jeet koon do, get your facts straight

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