Traffic Police vs Maserati

Traffic Police say Don’t Drink and Drive but forgot to tell you Don’t Dream and Drive Great stunt perform by the Traffic Police.


Traffic Police vs Maserati — 21 Comments

  1. The driver just didn’t notice. Plus he thought the changed in his favour. U don’t seem to drive.

  2. Realise all the car stopped behind the TP. Even the motorcyclist don’t even dare to halt beside him. LOL

  3. That driver siow loo. Hmmm……12 Demerit Points + $200. Money not the issues But I can’t bear having 12 Demerit Points….in 360 days.Must be Ah Moh driver…?

  4. I’m using a BlackVue Full HD Camera. Price at $550 with 24 hrs non- stop recording. If without the adaptor for non stop recording is $450.

  5. you never try filming LED screens with camera before? TV? outdoor big screens? monitor?

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