Todai Ninjutsu Training vs Combat – Blocking – Shihan Matthew Woodard, 15th dan in Bujinkan Ninjutsu and former police officer, shows how to apply training and techniques to real world fighting. Todai Dojo is a Bujinkan School in Moorpark, Southern CA.


Todai Ninjutsu Training vs Combat – Blocking — 15 Comments

  1. I think you misconstrued what he meant; he was saying when things happen fast there’s less time to use large or complicated footwork, the feet essentially have less time to move. It wasn’t a comment on other arts, or a over-arcing statement that there’s NO footwork – just that things change in the heat of the moment. And what you’re talking about with bobbing and weaving in boxing is what he is illustrating with getting low as well.

  2. If you look at how he is receiving the punch, his hand is in position for an eye poke 🙂 I do agree that you don’t want to get into a firefight, but sometimes there are no other options. Everything depends on the situation.

  3. Please no one extend their arm like that and drop below the other person body weight weakest structure is an out reached hand at the very best you have 20 kgs of power and if the arm is grabbed you wont be able to move and a bigger stronger opponent will have a free shot. take a step back just beyond their range and either run or go for a groin kick or eye poke don’t get into a firefight.

  4. At the REMBUKAN they do the “normal stuff” at the beginning level- punching ,kicking ,blocking , groundfighting , several weapons-but at higher levels the emphasis is more on shinobi. The true art of the NINJA works toward actually being invisible ,but you will not find that too many places. If you can accomplish your task without being noticed , you don’t have to use your fighting skills.

  5. Sure there is no way to use footwork to box…of crouse boxers and mma fighters never avoid punches and kicks using footwork…btw grand master…maybe you can block a SLOW BADLY thrown punch in your dojo, but try to block a real haymaker or a good one two with that shit..and your going down…just saying good footwork some bob and weaving some good blocks keeping tight..thats how you defend haymakers and punches..this just looks innefective and that could get you killed!

  6. bujinkan has never shown any evidence for its claims to ninjutsu…

    you should read a modern translation of a historic ninjutsu manual… Bansenshukai, Ninpiden and Shoninki, and their corresponding translations are the ONLY way to learn about ninjutsu…..

    they also clearly show that ninjutsu has NOTHING to do with martial arts…. anyone who tells you their martial art is ninjutsu, is lying to you.

  7. ” “Rembukan” and what I found of it on google shows little to nothing – and what the website says makes me a bit suspicious if it really has anything to do with Ninjutsu”

    we could say the same thing about YOUR school couldn’t we??????

  8. Matt, I study Bukinkan in Las Vegas. I find your tutorials very educational and well explained. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more.

  9. Well never heard of “Rembukan” and what I found of it on google shows little to nothing – and what the website says makes me a bit suspicious if it really has anything to do with Ninjutsu. Although there is controversy surrounding the martial arts that claim to teach Ninjutsu, the most reputable and respected ones are the Bujinkan (what we do), Jinenkan, and Genbukan. In all of them there is some ground fighting – depending on the focus of the teacher.

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