The PiMP Weekly Wrap – #9 – Left For Dead, Wii U, Microsoft, Diablo III, DOA 5 & More! http Welcome to the PiMP Weekly Wrap! This week those babelicious girls talk about Left For Dead, only one control for Wii U (booo!), Microsoft bailing on GamesCom & Tokyo Game Show, Diablo III, Dead or Alive 5 and much more! NOTE: Since filming, Blizzard have now limited the max sale price on the Diablo III auction house to 0 dollars…. watch the vid… you’ll see what we mean!


The PiMP Weekly Wrap – #9 – Left For Dead, Wii U, Microsoft, Diablo III, DOA 5 & More! — 21 Comments

  1. true, but it would be good to see games being developed that are geared toward full use of the gamepads in 2-4 multiplayer settings otherwise, what’s the point?

  2. Well…only multiplayer games require 2 Gamepads, and since most Nintendo 1st party games are single player there really is no big deal. You can also use 4 of the Wii U Pro controllers if you wanted to.

  3. I would rather fuck the girls from Dead or alive 5 than fight them … However Hawken is amazing and i am soo in to waiting for it

  4. I wonder how many takes it took Chrstina to catch the two coins for the mario review 😀

  5. umm the “prequel” for left for dead should not be payday the heist and i swear i herd that what i said is true

  6. It wasn’t that the Wii U will support two gamepads, it was more to do with the fact that most games won’t make use of having two gamepads

  7. if you guys want to see naked girls, go look at porn. Teenagers these days…dumbasses

  8. The news that the WiiU will support two constrollers? Is that really a surprise, if it didn’t I don’t think it would be likely to be taken seriously as a next gen console.
    Real Money Auction House is a nice idea, but at the moment Blizzard is taking way too large a chunk of the transaction, the greedy bastards.
    DoA 5 looks just like DoA 4, which looks just like DoA 3.
    A new Oddworld could be good.

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