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Stars @12 is India’s first wholesome entertainment News Bulletin This is your daily Dose of Bollywood News, Gossip, controversies and Scandals In this Episode- Bollywrap on Rakhi Sawant where she turned down a role in Loot because she did not want to act besides Mika Singh, says Mika is mad for comparing himself to Akon, and confesses her envy and jealousy towards all the actresses for stealing her item song roles!! She even calls herself a modern day Helen and claims no one will watch the new Himesh Reshammiya movie because everyone will be watching Ra One. SRK does an interview with UTV Stars editor Manish, SRK says he is never nervous during film making, family support from the beginning of RA ONE, RA ONE was made for all the children and that RA ONE is family, action, comedy. To get the hottest Bollywood updates subscribe to UTVSTARS HD: Facebook Page:


Stars @ 12 – Shah Rukh Khan nervous for Ra One, UTV Stars Exclusive interview – UTVSTARS HD — 15 Comments

  1. Srk is so sweet..he is so knowledgeable and intelligent…just love listening to him

  2. aamir pathan kahan se dikhta hai lols hahahahahaha baouna piddi hight dekhi hai uski 5 feet 2 ench hahahahahahahaha bouna

  3. With a budget of more than 150 million, they’ve shamelessly copied from many movies; for e.g. the video game part and their games getting real is copied from ‘Tron’ & ‘Tron Legacy’ movie; then the robot getting negative and hunting others is copied from ‘Terminator’ ; then the h.a.r.t. plot is also copied from ‘Ironman 2’ movie; then the running over train scene was copied from ‘Robot’ and ‘Spiderman 2.This film is full of vulgarity & obscenity. Not suitable for family viewing.

  4. patan is not like srk , patans r like salman khan in life , and aamir khan when it come to do something

  5. is boring unreal story watch it in cinema but dont ask for refound of ur money

  6. 5 years!! I love Him but after this interview I love and respect him..Good Luck .

  7. I wish I knew what Shah Rukh was saying here. UTV stars should give also English subtitles for all the people worldwide who don’t know Hindi but love Shah Rukh.

  8. he shouldnt have done six pack abs thts y his skin has become thinner ,,,the last time he used to luk gud was till chak de

  9. look t her face look like monkey.,….FUck U….blodybich…
    but ek baat achi lagi Damadamm ko kon dakny jayega…

  10. There seems to be some reticence to speak universally because it is a relapse between Hindi & English so it becomes a combination of both. If India is to be conquered first then the rest of the world will have to wait. And whereas globally this planet is becoming smaller everyday then the next movie SRK makes will have to be ‘out of the box’ if indeed he is to be King Of The World.

  11. huh she says dat shez not xposing i wanna say dis if ny1 likes rakhi sawant thenn dey hv sum serious head issues .. !!

  12. the sole reason for me to hit the dislike button is becoz of dat ugly shemale bitch rakhi sawant .. thumbs up if u agree nd ofcourse SRK for Life

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