How to do Wing Chun Lesson 22: basic leg exercise/ blocking a round kick

Master Wong pay tribute to The Shaolin Buddhist nun Wu Mei (Ng Mui) for creating wing chun. Feel free to pay your tribute here! www.wingchunmaster.tvMaster Wong Wing Chun Kung Fu Level 1 basic 60 Lesson includes basic techniques and aspects from our Sil Lim Tao, foot work, hand work, blocking, kick, punch, trapping, pad work, striking and the first energy drill: lap sao, punch drill, elbow drill all needed for the next level of training. With the focus on a practicality rather than tradition and olden day, our system really works today!


How to do Wing Chun Lesson 22: basic leg exercise/ blocking a round kick — 23 Comments

  1. *kick, *smaller(not ‘more little’), *broken(not broke), *taught(not teached) #grammarNazi

  2. sorry, but isnt it very dangerous to stop a kik with an arm?? i mean, the bones of the arms are more little than the bones of the legs, i could have my arm broke with a single kik!!…this is not to be teached!

  3. Sifu Wong should post a reaction time training video, like this so he can see it!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I appreciate your down to earthness Master Wong I am honored to be cyberly under your tutelage

  5. I am willing to become a disciple of master wong just to learn the word fucking ..
    thumbs up if agree!!

  6. omg sifu looks pissed off lol and swearing haha wing chun is so good tho white guy here from england.

  7. Oooo my he must have been told that fucking is a bad word by someone come to singapore and learn rnglish wimme imma cginese 2:)

  8. Master wong gets more and more exited 😛 ahaha 😛 very well am your student 😀

  9. does it seem like hes getting more inthusiastic with each video he makes?? lol …….awesome

  10.  thank you, i wiLL work hard at this, i know it wiLL take much practice to become and exceptionaL wing chun artist

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