How to do Wing Chun Lesson 15: basic hand exercise/ blocking a straight punch on inside of the arm

Master Wong pay tribute to The Shaolin Buddhist nun Wu Mei (Ng Mui) for creating wing chun. Feel free to pay your tribute here! www.wingchunmaster.tvMaster Wong Wing Chun Kung Fu Level 1 basic 60 Lesson includes basic techniques and aspects from our Sil Lim Tao, foot work, hand work, blocking, kick, punch, trapping, pad work, striking and the first energy drill: lap sao, punch drill, elbow drill all needed for the next level of training. With the focus on a practicality rather than tradition and olden day, our system really works today!


How to do Wing Chun Lesson 15: basic hand exercise/ blocking a straight punch on inside of the arm — 18 Comments

  1. As a general rule you dont want to end up reacting to them (stepping back) unless its truly necessary.Usually you’d shift to the side as you block, but since wing chun is close combat (which is one of the reasons it used improperly so often-people instinctually put space between eachother when they fight) I would think you would want to train right in that zone….but this may really just be to condition proper form and movement.-thanks tho

  2. If they are close enough to hit you and they punch, take a step back… I think he does that in some videos

  3. I understand that this is to learn and understand body mechanics but Im just curious on a real punch thrown close enough to hit you are you still trying to catch at wrist? second, does the initial stance (with the hands) become shorter? because using your leading hand to catch a punch by the wrist close enough to hit you it seems you would have to bring your stance in closer to your body in a real fight situation.

  4. thank you very much master wong… really appreciated your effort.. and i love learning wing chun… :))))

  5. ty master wong wing chuns very powerful having lots of fun learning

  6. I like how he sounds like german and chinese at the same time. “At the zame time” ” we go do dis togeder “. I love this guy! ( NoHomo ) LMAO ( No racism )

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