I GOT YOUR PANCAKE MIX! (11.1.10 – Day 550)

only ONE DAY LEFT for the free subscribe pillows: To win you must do both of the follow: 1) go to youtube.com and click subscribe 2) go to facebook.com and click the “like” button After you do both of these, your username/name is put into the “friends list” and I can randomly select 9 winners next Wednesday (11/3). Good luck!! 🙂 HUGE THANKS TO throwboy.com for letting us give away some pillows! Check them out, they got even more!! **outro music and theme by youtube.com melissa’s information: youtube.com twitter.com **OTHER AWESOME STUFF*** We’re on twitter (duhhhh) hehe: twitter.com twitter.com Go here and “like” our facebook group. We can be friends, ohhh yaaa! facebook.com Our Personal channels: youtube.com youtube.com Our website: internetkilledtv.com *************************** We head home from an awesome trip to Washington DC to see the John Stewart and Stephen Colbert rally for Sanity and or fear! It was awesome! It’s also Alli’s dads birthday! We also got a little treat from my mom who just went to Fantasy Fest in Key West, FL the day before. My mom makes her youtube debut ….


I GOT YOUR PANCAKE MIX! (11.1.10 – Day 550) — 17 Comments

  1. Charles, I would say to hit her in the boob (because it hurts just as much as being hit in the balls) probably in the nipple. But I am nit that mean so don’t do it. XD

  2. drop something down the drain again and make her get it and do the buzz thing again

  3. You get 5 mulligans simply because if you’ve done something for many years it becomes an instinctive reaction at times so without mulligans, you won’t make it the entire month without swearing for future no swear novembers 😀

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