Asashoryu Greatest ever

Asashoryu Akinori Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj Mongolian first yokozuna. In 2005 he became the first man to win all six official tournaments in a single year. Over his entire career, he won 25 top division tournament championships, placing him third on the all-time list. On september 4th he decided to retire after continous criticism and pressure from Sumo Association mostly regarding on his personality and fighting style. No matter what people say he will go down as the greatest sumo wrestler that has ever been! Music:Immediate music-Serenata


Asashoryu Greatest ever — 24 Comments

  1. he just slapped one chinese cuz that man said we own mongolia and next day everything went wrong

  2. Shidehiig ch uzuuldeg baijee yostoi. Bumbugnuudiig neeh evteihen unhruuleel, duuguurdeel, shideel aljiinaa kkkk

  3. What a f’ing beast! This guy would be hell on wheels on a football field (American).

  4. Угаас энэ хүнээс өөр, намайг л лав, илүү огшоож, Монгол гэсэн нэрээр бахархуулсан хүнийг мэдэх ч үгүй юм байна. Сайхан найруулгатай бичлэг болж, өвгөөн.

  5. He was the best I seen in 25 years. Better than Akebono, better thanTakanohana… that all being said, if America truly cared (sent more than a scrub like Akebono), he’d be like 300th best. If that.

  6. EXACTLY!!! Well said, mate. The bad boy of sumo, and I am sorry to say far from the greatest. Could have been ONE of them, but I don’t think he understood anything about Sumo, none what so ever. A true SUMO champion (yokozuna) is one who exudes dignity, humility, and acts with the most understated manner. The one who bows deepest to show respect his defeated opponent, because WITHOUT such a strong opponent to fight you and allow you to show the world how strong you are, how can you EXIST?

  7. Looks like he has a more upperbody strength than most of his opponents, able to pick them up in some cases, wow.

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