Wushu is Amazing

Wushu! I love it. Got all footage from Wushu One Family (w1f.net). This goes out to anybody whose legs hurt from stances and jump training all day!


Wushu is Amazing — 15 Comments

  1. dont know how old you mean but check out yuan xin dong, wu gang and yen wen qing and others around 1995-98. Highest jump front kick in the history of wushu probably belongs to wu gang in his changquan form 1998 (available from youtube-user “jg82811”).

  2. can someone let me know if the OLD masters of Wushu have this kind of energy to fly around like this… love to hear some responses. thanks.

  3. I don’t know, but seeing part 6:52 makes me think that it feels very fun… It looks kool to be thrown that far up and land softly down with the stomach or back..

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