Wing Chun Level 2: Lesson 14 Trapping and push

Master Wong pay tribute to The Shaolin Buddhist nun Wu Mei (Ng Mui) for creating wing chun. Feel free to pay your tribute here! Master Wong Wing Chun Kung Fu Level 2 are basic techniques and aspects from our Sil Lim Tao, foot work, hand work, blocking, kick, punch, trapping, pad work, striking and the first energy drill: lap sao, punch drill, elbow drill all needed for the next level of training. With the focus on a practicality rather than tradition and olden day, our system really works today! This Product is Available for Instant Download to your Computer! In order to download this product, please click the link below to download our free MOD Machine media player. Once you have installed the MOD Machine on your computer, you can browse, purchase and download the video instantly! Try our FREE mini Wing chun training course Download at: Learn to become a member please visit our website:


Wing Chun Level 2: Lesson 14 Trapping and push — 19 Comments

  1. Amazing movement I`m fascinated ¡¡¡¡
    But I love more when the teacher start to talk about “CHI”

  2. @
    Wing Chun Kung Fu Level 2:

    start with 1 and it’ll make more sence

  3. how would you trap person that out weigh like 140 pounds more then you in a street fight

  4. there is a video shpwing how to trap.. the video is called hands drill eps 3 of JKD.. you can see it if u wanna see the how to trap … (:

  5. good video but the movement with the arm are to fast to really understand it . can you make a video how explain the hands movement.

  6. Yeah, I love Master Wong’s comical outlook on fighting. Although it sounds weird it’s very practical and should be remembered.

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