WRC Wales Rally GB 2011 SS16 ( should have been STOPPED!!) Rallying

It was painfull to watch these drivers giving their all, unaware of the massive hole that had appeared the other side fo the jump, the sound of laughter comes from spectators who had been drinking heavily.spectators can be heard calling for the cars to be slowed down.It took jason Pritchards navigator to get the marshals in gear. I think Craig Breen owes him a few beers!!! gutted for Elfyn and Jason. Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 9 patrik flodin,karl kruda,yazzed al rajhi,jason prichard,elfyn evans,harri hunt,oanasonic hdc-tm900, rally crash,jump,Rally 2011, Rally Car Crash Collection


WRC Wales Rally GB 2011 SS16 ( should have been STOPPED!!) Rallying — 13 Comments

  1. a bad sector during the 2008 hellendoorn rally,

    many drivers didn’t get it to the finish of the stage,


  2. haha. thats exactly what you can do. Been on 1000 of rallys and it happends now and than that a stage is cancelled due to a bad road or a crash corner. Just madness not to.

  3. You must be a very clever person. Blame Eastern Europeans because Western Europeans are so much civilized that they would never ever laugh in a situation like that…. Very clever guy… If I would be so wise like you I could say: Typical British way of thinking…

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  5. It wasn’t the bump it was the ditch at the bottom of the bump. Also the problem was that the ditch was getting worse with each car passing so the when the recce was driven the ditch wouldn’t have been that bad hence why it wasn’t a caution in the notes.

  6. its not the stage, its the bump, and it could have been the co-drivers notes. they should have changed the notes in the recce stage

  7. To the people saying “It’s rallying, you are soft”, if that was your car, which are worth at least 70,000 euro for a group n car, 200,000 euro for S2000, would you not be slightly pissed that the organisers didn’t notify you with a caution in the road book or notify at the start, as bumpers plus underbody damage would be 10,000 euro at least…

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