Women of Krav Maga — 25 Comments

  1. The only way to learn is full contact without pads, to experience pain and realism

  2. If you’re in a fight with a lion, does it matter whether it’s male or female? 🙂

  3. She would not be teaching him other ways. That is what instructors do: teach the students how to live.

    ~From Russia with Love

  4. samn here my gf was Israeli Special forces and she could kick my ass all over the place if she wanted to

  5. Survival by aggression, explosive movement, that is the key of krav maga. It is less a martial ‘art’ and more military-grade combat.

  6. As a Dominant, heterosexual male who’s livelihood is combat training, I have no problem admitting this woman is my better. This may come as a shock to our insecure woman-hating friends, but that statement did not originate from my nether regions. Its *almost* as if I can respect a woman without wanting to fuck her. Amazing!

  7. hahahah WOW!! HELL YEA!!! Tell him how it is!!!!! men are weak!! thats why they need to reassure themselves all the time by only controlling something that they THINK is weaker than them!! someone with real courage does NOT have to control everyone around them!!

  8. Also its funny how at first you assume I myself am a woman and now you assume I am a Jew.
    You really need to get out more. Hate speech with alt-profiles on youtube? What are you 10? Not ‘man’ enough to go to prison with the other neo nazis?
    You got a real little dick, right? Thats why you like to rape people who don’t know how to defend themselves? Bet you’ve never been in a real fight in your life. You are the WEAK. Avivit would rip you in half and piss on the ashes.

    ~From Russia with Love

  9. “you’re a piece of shit, this is fucking Jewess Avivit which would rozpierdolił to pieces if I wanted to, as I said it to you, you’re probably also a Jew and almost all the Jews are a plague that must be exterminated! so that if I just met with the ‘your’ Avivit I would be severely beaten first and then pulled her clothes and cast it on her …”

    Yes, I know you are a rapist czaban11 (also posing as HUNK568).
    This is not impressive.
    You are a parasite.
    A weakling.
    Any woman could destroy you.

  10. It is amusing that you think I am a woman. There were dozens of worthless limp sacks like you in the military. Nobody mourned when shits like you got fragged.
    Avivit Cohen is one of those veterans thats actually worth a damn. She does not practice ‘martial arts’. She practices real world combat, something you clearly have no experience in. You talk big, but you are an insect in the gaze of people like this woman. You are beneath contempt.

    ~From Russia with Love

  11. I know you are used to beating up on weaker people. Like children or socially oppressed women. This is not one such case. Any IDF soldier of her caliber would roast you alive and drink your tears for fun. Silly little worm.

  12. I am now doubly sure this woman would DESTROY an insecure little prick like you. 🙂

    ~From Russia with Love

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