Ronda Rousey Warms Up by Tossing a Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Ronda Rousey is gearing up for her Strikeforce Challengers fight against Julia Budd. During an exhibition, the Olympian demonstrated her judo skills against Rickson Gracie jiu-jitsu black belt Henry Akins. chatted with Rousey as she begins to introduce herself the MMA world.


Ronda Rousey Warms Up by Tossing a Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt — 22 Comments

  1. she would make more money from dudes paying her to beat them up than fighting in the UFC

  2. So “I want to pay her to beat me up” gets a laugh and you “love it”, but this you have a problem with? Let alone some dude talking about being dominated by her etc. plus someone straight up saying he wacked off? Right….Oh and also, do you know what a sense of humor is?

  3. ok he might really be getting tossed cause shes a 4th degree in judo…but rickson gracie is a 8th degree back and red belt in bjj so on the ground hes prob letting her win lol

  4. I just had a flash of a daydream with Ronda Rousey in full plate armor, giant nodashi in her left hand, spear in her right, riding a highly prized and decorated black war horse into battle! She rides back weary, blood drenched and needing to be washed. She sits naked in the metal wash basin. I wash her body with soap and herbs. I dry her. And then without warning she aggressively goes after what she wants 😉 Does this make me a weak man to want to be soo dominated by a beautiful woman?

  5. thank godd he wasnt going full.. he would’ve been the worst submission black belt ever to exist if that were the case

  6. Ronda will eventually be the female equivalent to MMA that Cory Everson was to Female Bodybuilding. Looks plus natural talent and charisma equal Champion.

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