Way of the Warrior – Aikido and Kendo Pt2 — 14 Comments

  1. Master Kuguri rocks! You almost never see people doing Aikido at any speed.
    He would actually be able to use it. Unlike most so called masters.

  2. @trav197. No, he just accumulated 38 dans from variour martial art disciplines over the years.

  3. Your silly generalization about all Aikidoka is simply not true. If all Aikidoka as a whole didn’t feel the need to compete, as you so generalized, then there would be no such thing as Tomiki Aikido or any of the sport variations.

  4. Geeze, if you would have just conveyed yourself as intelligently then as you did now, I wouldn’t have been such an ass about it. I’m in no way saying Aikido is a bad martial art, in fact I’m highly interested in it. I just can’t stand the people who perform randori as if it were a pathetic dance, with no resistance from the attacker whatsoever and the think it translates to be able to real self defense or fighting ability.

  5. You’re a moron. UFC never “banned” any type of martial art. Anyone from any style can compete, the same goes for any mixed martial arts organization. You don’t see them compete because 98% of the people that would compete would be a delusional douche bag like you that would get their ass handed to them.

  6. No, but like classical jujutsu some of the techniques are so 0-60 that you could break someone’s limbs or neck. You wouldn’t allow somethign like hijiate-kokyunage the same way you wouldn’t allow someone to do a neck breaking technique.

  7. haha, “dangerous techniques have been eliminated”
    lmao, my left but cheek, you can easily break bones, joints, limbs, necks using aikido

  8. You are very right.
    Kendo & akido teaches self dicipline, something very rare nowerdays.

  9. that’s not the question, aikido and kendo were not developped to protect you from 21th century street insecurity, what you have to learn from it is not how to protect yourself when attacked or how to kill someone with a katana; it’s respect, humility, friendship, concentration, effort… it’s a way to win yourself, not to defeat the others.

  10. not every mugger brings out a gun on you on the street.. usually wif a knife, and hence.. if u mug an aikido master.. u r farrrked.

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