★ PS Vita – Unboxing and Gameplay Review: Gravity Daze Ep 1 ft. Kinetic! – WAY➚

★ PS Vita Unboxing and Gameplay Review “Gravity Daze” – WAY➚ Gravity Daze aka Gravity Rush (international name) just came out today here in Japan and THIS is your best chance to not only see the full game, but to see it in style with Kanako and Kinetic ;D Directors Channel – www.youtube.com Welcome to the first episode of this exciting new PS Vita game. The bad news for PS Vita owners this month, you have to wait for this to be released internationally till around May. The GOOD news is that Kanako and Kinetic are here to show you what to expect and why it’s worth the wait! In this first episode, we explore the very beginnings of this mysterious story. Full of interesting characters and unique gameplay, Gravity Daze may seem to lack action at first, but it will pick up for sure in the next episode as we start fighting the dark and twisted enemies ahead. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video, then please help us out by giving it a thumbs up! Our Facebook page! www.facebook.com Our Livestream channel! www.twitch.tv ========= ★ TGN Social tgn.tv ★ What is TGN? http ★ TGN Times news.tgn.tv ★ TGN on Facebook http ★ TGN on Twitter twitter.com ★ We Are YouTube – WAY! way.tgn.tv


★ PS Vita – Unboxing and Gameplay Review: Gravity Daze Ep 1 ft. Kinetic! – WAY➚ — 15 Comments

  1. Is the Model included with the package? if so (crossed fingers) then I’m not buying it.

  2. There isn’t much of a difference really, Gravity Daze is the Japanese release, while Gravity Rush is the English release. I think the name was changed due to localization, but overall they are the same game

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