The Karate Kid Kiss Scene — 19 Comments

  1. I’m sooo jelly when this movie came out but my friends are like giggling over i was like “hmmfp .. That should be me”

  2. she was forced, if not, this movie will never be made, or even be a movie, a fat girl was gonna play this chinnese girl, but jaden smith, told them he wants this chinese girl, no offense thats how stubured babies are,

  3. the girl wouldn’t want to kiss you, she was force for 400$ to do that,, because jaden wants to be best kkid,,, in the earth history, and always will be the best kid,, but no,, hes not,, someone is not justin beiber,, jaden smith,, forced her, and the people had to force her,, for jaden,, jaden was a baby, during making this movie

  4. there was a fat,,, girl gonna play,, a chinese, girl but,, jaden smith,, didn’t want to play if a fat have to kiss, him, he would just say,, you know what? im not acting,, without that girl,, so the people have to force her,, to do it,, jaden smith, is a baby,, and a bitch

  5. the same kind of nigger that knows to put an n after the a before that vowel… know your engrish dot com my china.

  6. Woah dat kiss like woah dat boy can kiss lol i can tell i can imagine me kissin him real talk but lol she lucky

  7. dude whats your problem man? black people kiss whomever they want..not just other blacks or whites..whats your problem? you dumby

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