Pencak Silat Juru insight

Johnny Silmon shares his views as to what he feels is the real place of juru training within Pencak Silat. Even though systems have their seeds within many juru sequences, only by coming out of their limitations can you begin to totally express the full array of Pencak Silat movement.


Pencak Silat Juru insight — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks again. I have a ton of high def material to edit and will have a great deal more after my 2012 trip. More Cimande, Cikalong, Cikaret, Cingkrik, Kari, Madi, Syabhandar and Benjang.material to come so keep a look out.

  2. Thank you for the speedy reply : ) The second jurus is a good deal similar. Thanks for sharing.

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