Fifth Dan Wushu Straight Sword — 9 Comments

  1. Sorry about the delayed response. I don’t remember the website anymore, you can simply search using the key words like “Wushu Duan broadsword” you will get tons of hits

  2. Could I ask the same question as cornbreadalh did that “what website do you purchase your instructional videos from?” I searched several websites, non of them had 5th and 6th Dan Wushu straight sword VCD. Thank you for uploaded 5th Dan. Now we are learning 6th Dan uploaded by wyyc on 07/3/2009 from Mr. Wang Hong Ling

  3. Sword is very flexible , only in the last quarter of the blade it seems. Why is that?
    Is it a training sword or do actual battle ready sword wobble like this too?

  4. I can do it until 1:03
    should I do it as much as possible like the guy in the video, or is he just performing it slowly to show us the details?

  5. she was probably teaching you it so that you have something uniqu about you for your school, or maybe something to perform at a competition (does your school compete?) plus, learning higher up forms could also help you with your basics. when we were preparing for our first competition, our team consisted of me with guan dao/ pu dao, my friend with dao, and my other with jian. we all did chang quans too 😀

  6. I never finished it X(
    My school does kungfu but I have a wushu teacher and she was the one teaching it to me.
    I never learned any wushu gun or dao but I would like to. I probably could watching these videos enough haha!

  7. you learn weapons in levels. there is no beginner jian form. so the fact that you learn the first jian form means youre intermediate cuz you start off with gun and dao first.

    or maybe your schools cool and lets people start off with whatever form they like.

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