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The second part of our long-awaited showdown between the 2010 Mustang and 2010 Camaro continues with the Camaro SS. The guys drop the hammer on a great road under ominous skies. And they wrap up both cars with an argument! More Reviews at


Camaro SS (Muscle Cars Pt. 2) – Everyday Driver — 24 Comments

  1. Too heavy? What do you want, a go-cart? It’s a sports car! That’s why the small trunk, and back seat. I just saw a review of a “professional” driver taking this thing around a race track. It blew the doors off a Boss 302! Performance at a good price, and reliability. That’s what matters.

  2. Also she smiles every time she drives it!!!
    If you want to see some pictures go here

    Facebook (Mazda RX-8 Central IL) Its my page. & Yes i have an RX8!!! Zoom Zoom

  3. Please re visit the 2013 Model of this car. My Father got a new 2013 for my mom’s Birthday(/anivers/christmass/ You get the idea….) back in June. The total for the car was $56,990.00 Fully loaded SS. Many of the problems that you talked about have been fixed in the 2013 model IE they moved some of the features from the ZL1 down to the SS. And as for the better feeling with the suspension vs Mustang or that other thing is because the Camaro hads All Wheel Independent Suspension.

  4. Another entertaining and fun review; Thanks guys.

    BUT… Camaro vs Challenger (SRT8), NO contest – image, fun, power and looks, Challenger wins, hands down (but of course, that’s just this old man’s opinion).

  5. Sadly what we know from Ford the Camaro WILL age better ^-^’ /cry *Sniff* WHY FORD WHY *walks out of the room crying*

  6. @EverydayDriver can you please do a review of the old camaro (1993-2002) like you all did on nissan 300zx if its good im going to buy a used one.

  7. pitty they didn’t have 5.0 L in Mustang ..

    even the conclusion and score might be the same 1:1 ..
    I think 5.0 Mustang (more muscular/ faster) would win .

  8. These are more like sport cars now. The Challenger is the only modern muscle car left.

  9. well you can always put it on your parents insurance and have you listed as an occasional driver, which, lets be honest, EVERYONE does. Is it legal, not really, but people still do it anyway. And like godwhitepk said, the actual car has little impact. For a 17 year old, a used 2011 5.0 mustang is the same cost to insure as a brand new honda civic

  10. LOL the camaro dashboard actully said “avg mpg: 13.7” Mustang: “i get better mpg you stupid fat pig!”

  11. 2002 trans am all the way none of these muscle cars look like they were love how there suppose to capture the muscle car look and they didnt the new charger looks like a family car the new mustang looks boxy the camaro is the only descent looking one and even that stinks

  12. The actual car has little impact on price of insurance. The only reason insurance would be expensive is because he is going to be driving at 16!

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