Willem de Thouars, Kun Tao Silat, 1996 Gulfport School of Tai Chi Chuan

This is part one of 4 videos representing a weekend workshop with Willem de Thouars, aka, Uncle Bill. These videos include the work of Roberto Torres who came to the workshop as Uncle’s assistant. These videos offer a rare demonstration of Uncle Bill’s Kun Tao Bagua, and a special session of Uncle Bill administering massage to Carl Spitale, Kun Tao student of Willem Reeders. Sifu Lenny Howie is also featured as well as his cousin Tony Laughlin. Enjoy.


Willem de Thouars, Kun Tao Silat, 1996 Gulfport School of Tai Chi Chuan — 16 Comments

  1. Richard Clear practices the most ineffective martial art i’ve ever seen, Bear Kuntao is a joke

  2. Man I miss practising, but I’m stuck out here in tin-buck-to Spring Hill, Fl with no one to practise with. I wonder if Uncle is going to have a seminar in Tampa anytime soon.

  3. Lol. I swear some people think because there arent any high kicks that its worthless but the truth is my teacher Richard Clear studied with Uncle Bill, and I attended some seminars, and Uncle Bill is devastating.
    Handicap nothing.

  4. I find Bapak Willem de Thouars, to have much better moves than Paul, the thought of many others in the martial arts world, especially reading what was written of what occured with their mother as Pak Willem brought this out for all of us to read. from what I understand, their mother saved Paul’s bacon during WWII, and then a son Paul to have done what he did, leaves me to understand that there are NO descriptive words other than, shamefull

  5. I always find the ‘skeptics’ point of view interesting, because it reveals either ignorance, or education. For instance – using MMA as a proving ground for the true effectiveness of a martial art – that is ignorant. MMA is a sport. Also, to think that literally generations, decades, centuries, of real warriors have developed these techniques because they DON’T work… and you know better than them? That’s true ignorance, with a large dose of arrogance. Train. Learn. Understand.

  6. No – MMA and Muay Thai nutriders can be just as dumb. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some opinions are more equal than others. Let’s face it, never in a million years will teachers like this put up a vid of them actually using this stuff against MMA or Muay Thai, or even any competent opponent in real contact sparring. So, let that be the judge of who has to be braiwashed to believe they can fight. Cheers.

  7. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Truth and fighting arts come in many forms…doesn’t mean they have no value because you don’t understand it. Narrow-minded of you to believe these people never fight based on just a DEMO in this video. Until you actually experience these masters for yourself, you will be willfully ignorant behind your keyboard lol. Maybe you have just been brainwashed by the MMA craze to believe jujitsu and muay thai are the only way to go lol.

  8. Oh you’re welcome. It is difficult telling people the truth, but, hey ho, your thanks mean all the world to me.

  9. Doesn’t really take as much luck as you think, if you startbeing honest about the crapola you believe, and start training honestly. Otherwise you end up having to use words to prove what you should demostrate. Ever heard the old phrase ‘Here is Rhodes, now leap!’ It means ‘now demonstrate what you claim to be able to do!’ Good luck with that.

  10. Yes - there is only one way to find out. The way they never, ever try – actual fighting.

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