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  1. omg that scene at 0:22 looks like the Dojo Fight from The Bruce lee movie Fist of Fury!

  2. According to the interview of Angela Mao, Golden Havest made part of the movie “Lady Whirlwind” in Korea and the group of Chang Yi, Sammo Hung, and Angela visited some martial art schools in Korea. They decided to make a movie about Korean martial art – that’s how this movie was born. For this reason Angela Mao, Sammo Hung, and Carter Wong formally studied Hapkido in Korea. What we see here Angela used a lot of Kung Fu techniques she learned from in Taiwan opera school in her early days.

  3. Angela Mao Ying studies it in RL, that’s why she was the lead actress for this movie.

  4. The movie is also known as “Lady Kung Fu”. It’s a Chinese movie but it takes place in Korea and the founder of the world’s biggest Hapkido Association (Ji Han-Jae) appears in the movie as well. Maybe that’s where the rather random title derives from.

  5. is Hapkido the original name of this movie? its strange since Hapkido is a modern Korean martial art. and this is a chinese movie..

  6. : The Bruce Lee movie you are referring to is ‘Fist of Fury’… and Angela’s ‘Hapkido’ was actually released before it (it’s a fine point though, given that great martial arts movies usually have simple – and similar – plots that don’t get in the way of the action). Either way, both Master Lee and Madam Mao are a joy to behold – I’d rather watch either of them (or any of the other great movie martial artists) than a billion dollars worth of computer generated fakery…

  7. Yea, you can say that again! The Japs were SO cruel to the Chines that even Hitler began to Rethink their alliance with them. They told the Japs, just kill them, what’s with all the killing the children in front of the grandparents, cutting off their arms, urinating on them and such… just kill them. They were far worse than Hitlers regime in that sense.
    The Japs were pissed because without modern weapons, they could never conquer China because the Shaolin would often repulse them, etc

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