Fans attack footballers on pitch, burns, broken bones, karate kicks !!

Two Steaua Bucharest players suffered serious injuries after being attacked by fans during their ill-tempered league match at promoted Petrolul Ploiesti on Sunday (October 30), which was abandoned just before halftime. Defender George Galamaz, capped four times by Romania, sustained a serious facial injury after a Petrolul fan invaded the pitch and punched him in the latter stages of the first half of the mid-table clash. The supporter then started walking towards other players. He clashed with player Novak Martinovic who kicked him and wrestled him to the ground where the supporter was kicked again before security guards led him away. “He (Galamaz) suffered a cheekbone fracture and he’ll be recovering for six weeks,” Steaua sporting director Narcis Raducan told local media, adding that the player also has hearing problems. Reserve keeper Ciprian Tatarusanu suffered severe burns after he was hit by a firework, thrown from the stands, forcing the match to be abandoned after almost a half-hour delay. The Ploiesti-based club’s supporter ran onto the field after being angered by referee Robert Dumitru’s decision to award Steaua a dubious penalty. The visitors led 1-0 at the time. Steaua’s Serbian defender Novak Martinovic and keeper Razvan Stanca were sent off for attacking the fan with Martinovic using a karate style kick while several other players also kicked the trouble-maker. The match at the Ilie Oana stadium was resumed several minutes after the incidents with 1986


Fans attack footballers on pitch, burns, broken bones, karate kicks !! — 12 Comments

  1. When your not expecting something to happen it hurts a lot more and you dont know if he could have been hiding a concussion from his team to play football

  2. Exactly! Where was the boot down on the head so he didnt get up? Was the least the coward deserved..running up behind someone and hitting them, think he spits as well, oh well!

  3. he cant take a hit 2 the head? 1 hit? has 2 dive? imagine if that was u on the street lol.. player should have turned and knocked him out not dived on the floor!

  4. Love the way 90% percent of fans think they could beat Ronaldo in a fight, he is a highly trained Super Athlete that could probably kill them no bother.

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