Kron Gracie vs Marcus Almeida @ Pan Jiu Jitsu 2012 — 18 Comments

  1. guerrerão buchecha volta o dedo no lugar e continua a guerra , imagina se fosse o neymar com o dedo assim kkkkk

  2. was a kneebar anyway… I don’t like Kron since I saw (live) his screaming against a footlock in the 2012 Worlds and the judge didnt stop the fight and he kept fighting after his opponent let him go away… You have to be Man to prof you good, he is an immature kid, know jiu jitsu but doesnt know about honesty

  3. bjj is great for smaller guys to defeat bigger guys as royce gracie has proven so many times. but when someone is 50+ pounds heavier than u in a black belt match, holy shit u gotta be so much more technical to win. i think kron did such a great job even though he was forced to tap.

  4. the lion has to pick one limb and just chew the hell out of it and attack it like hell and hope he does not get stomped in the process. remember Royce Gracie vs akebono. Gracie went for the I think Americana I think, not too sure. which style/school do you like, in BJJ. I am a huge fan of Carlson Gracie style of BJJ. theyare all great, all BJJ, they all have something to offer. where I live, we got crap. no good schools or coaches.

  5. very good point, of course it is good strategy and generally from what haev heard is that the Gracie’s generally don’t like fighting using leg locks too much etc… and they probably can be exposed a little more with that strategy. but when a guy outweighs Kron by 60 pounds, I would find it a little hard to call him the animal trying to kill a lion. If Marcelo Garcia went for foot locks against Marcus Almeida, I can understand. But you have a very good point. I can see you point.

  6. Oh. OK. So, what you are saying is that for a bigger guy to go ONLY for footlocks is cowardly and should not be what a big man does. Your point of view is noted.

    But, what if that is what he feels is what Gracie’s weakness is?

    Why not attack the weakest point?

    Maybe he was checking out videos and footage that indicated to him that Kron Gracie is susceptible to footlocks?

    What if I am the animal attacking the lion?

    I wanna catch the lion where he is weakest.

  7. Of course foot locks are legit and work great, let me put it this way, lions don’t kill their prey by breaking the ankle, they go for the choke, it is more of a mentality thing, for me anyways, a bigger guy basically going for footlocks etc.. ALL the time against a much smaller opponent just seems kinda cowardly. just saying,If Buchecha was looking for a any choke. arm bar , triangle, and he happened to set up for a knee bar that would be great, but strickly going for footlocks, just an opinion

  8. I don’t get it. Why is it sad? Why would the heavier player not be able to use footlocks?

  9. Kron’s amazing…Almedia is a heavy weight and defeated roldolfo vieira. kron fights middle weight I believe……Amazing performance….

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