Las Vegas (LV) Underground Street Racing

Street Racing In Las Vegas (Sry People But Apparently I Was Using A Copyrighted Song So You Can Watch It/ Download It On Zshare) Heres The Link:


Las Vegas (LV) Underground Street Racing — 19 Comments

  1. evo 9 just smoked corvette… i would just love to see you moaning bitches go out there and prove yourself before bitching like a little girl here

  2. i could beat those small cars with my 2009 Chevy Silverado (NoLie) U guys r fucking slow. 80

  3. Or my 2009 Mustang GT sporting fresh heads, Stage 3 cam and a Whipple Supercharger. 😀

  4. i lived in vegas for 23 years where was this??? off of blue diamond??? because thats where i totaled my 96 prelude… not a honda motor in it when i wrecked it…

  5. i know right they always claim they have such better cars but yet they never post a video of their cars.

  6. its cool that everyone commenting on this has a way better car than the ones in the video, and rather than going out and enjoying their awesome cars, they’d rather sit here and hate on others.. hmm.. also interesting no one has a video of their supposed awesome cars either..

  7. fox bodys are cool, my has a 84 gt350 with a 5.9 bronco motor on the bottle and i like the outcome, but theres at least 10+ hondas out here in vegas that has and will continue to rape muscle cars. its the challenge to build a honda to do this, BUT yuor right that most of em are rice and crap. thats why im building an accord. no one has disgraced those yet.

    if u dont like it, do like i do to those i dont like and race and rape em.

  8. dude dont hate. yea stangs are great evo is good too but my mazda and my honda has smoked a supercharged 429 mustang gt. dont get me wrong i have a 68 z-28 too but yea a tuner must be built and boosted to have a chance but if done right and not by these punk fast and furious bitches they can destroy all that pull up.

  9. Idgaf what you do to a honda……exactly my point .Youre a 16 and like honda ,Mitsubishis and stuff like that……If you want a car with real power get an American made car. Not foreign trash like Civics and eclipses…….Ricers suck btw

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