2010 Ford Mustang GT 500 Super Snake at James Hodge Ford Tulsa Area Auto Dealership — 20 Comments

  1. Tell me I didnt just watch a minute and a half of a car sitting in a car park…. fuck me we watch some shit on youtube.

  2. Completely different hood bro…looks nothing like a regular GT500. And this color combo is awesome!, although my favorite is opposite this- black with grabber blue stripes

  3. epic fail would be if it didn’t have more horsepower! Who cares what it looks like, it’s rockin’ 750 HP…let me guess, you own a honda?

  4. Super Snakes don’t have double white stripes, they are all one large black stripe with a small stripe along each side.

  5. Why is there only going to be 125 of this Super Snake, when they make 1000 of every other year??? Don’t seem right.

  6. im jelly brah. but im gnna make my 08 gt/cs look like a retro 68 and modern day clashed. and itll be beastly…XD

  7. if you think it looks just like the gt and the v6 then you dont know mustangs very well. this car is nothing like the v6 or gt.

  8. some guy who lives next door to me has like the 60th? out of 125. its red with double white stripes. sounds amazing when he wakes me up in the morning with it 🙂

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